Customer Experience Design

Customer Experiences can be designed intentionally, or they can be left to chance. CX Core enables an innovative environment for the creation, testing and definition of Customer Experience solutions.

CX Design

CX Core enables great Customer Experiences to be designed in a robust and informed way, that combines CX insight and design guidelines together with brand and business context.  We help organisations bring their Brands to life in CX terms, enabling a consistency in style and approach that everyone can follow, guided by the same principles.

CX Core provides organisations with the option to adopt a preferred approach of your own, or follow our CX Core design method. Our approach can be applied very simply, or in a more robust way, aligning both internal and external insights together with an understanding of the Customer Experience required, and how the organisation needs to work to deliver it.  As a result users can collaborate and produce great CX Designs in consistent ways, styles and formats, incorporating both Customer Experience perspectives, and Employee experience perspectives.

Operational Design

CX Core not only identifies the key aspects of a customer journey and the drivers that influence the customer experience, we also ensure that users can define the operational components, (such as technology, process, data etc.) which underpin the delivery of the experience.

As a result CX Core is an effective tool for defining change requirements for both customer experience and the operating model capabilities that are needed to support it. It enables informed decisions to be made about change, and guides the organisation in delivering new CX designs.

We believe Operating model development should not solely be the responsibility of IT or Enterprise architects. Effective Customer Engagement and Customer Experience design, has to align with an understanding of how the organization actually works. We work with organizations to help them leverage existing knowledge and enhance it in a usable framework to make informed decisions about customer oriented business change.