CX Implementation

If you can't break down the silo's, connect them. Inform and implement the direct linkage from the customer experience into the operating model, aligning the customer with everything that makes the business work.

CX Architecture

CX Architecture is the alignment of traditional business architecture with a best practice CX Design approach, so that a common design model is built that satisfies both an 'outside-in' perspective (Customer) and an 'inside-out' perspective (business operations).

Our capability allows existing Enterprise architecture approaches to be elaborated to encompass Customer Experience design and Insights. We bridge the gap between the intent of the Customer Experience design and the way the organisation has to work to deliver it.

CX Architecture can be adopted by CX Professionals or Business Architecture, Transformation and IT leads as a vehicle for establishing a common reference point for all the organisations to engage around. It enables organisations to leverage their own existing approaches and systems, but use CX Core as the vehicle to bring things together in a common environment that allows each stakeholder group to interrogate the data and see it presented visually to them in a way that is useful and in context.

CX Implementation Roadmap

We enable the Customer Experience design to be aligned with the way the business needs to work, and bring these together in a clear roadmap for implementation. Our roadmaps consider the impact and dependencies of change, and helps an organisation to plan priorities, timescales and investments.

The CX Core roadmaps allow the definition of multiple transition states, as well as the future state objective, enabling an organisation to plan the most appropriate path to achieving their ultimate end state. Roadmaps can be separated into individual design elements, operating model components or resources, and combined to show clearly how each phase of the CX implementation is supported by the required changes to the operating model. All roadmaps can be visualised and interrogated to provide a deeper dive into the details behind each phase, showing clearly the impact of change and dependencies on delivery.

CX Core takes the guesswork work out of implementation, and ensures all stakeholders are connected and collaborate around a single point of reference.