Customer Journey Mapping

The value of a Journey Map is not in the output alone, but in the capture of the learning and insight gained from its definition. Create content rich Journey Maps in different visual styles using our templates or your own designs.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is a critical business tool for understanding how an organisation engages with its customers, and the Customer experience it delivers, evaluated from a Customer perspective. We help organisations to take an 'outside in' view and gain an improved understanding of the customer journey and customer experience.

We believe that any mapping initiative should be guided by the right principles and focus on the outcomes that are required. We recognize that different circumstances and objectives may require Customer Journey Maps to be visualised in different ways, and compiled with different levels of detail.

CX Core enables users to create maps using different visual styles underpinned by the CX Core data architecture which provides a robust foundation to capture and align essential information about the Customer, their Journey, their Experience and the Operating model. Enabling users to capture and re-use information, and connect  insights together in a common reference model brings significant time, cost and learning benefits for any organisation.

CX Core provides leading Customer Journey Mapping capability to meet immediate needs and also provides the capability to evolve and scale as required.

Visual Design & Layout

CX Core provides users with the ability to create content rich Customer Journey Maps in a variety of visual styles. Users are not constrained by the software, instead they are empowered to create maps in any style to suit the purpose and level of information needed.

Users can have creative freedom or choose from a range of templates, suitable for different styles of Customer Journey maps, or they can create their own templates. Map styles and templates can be copied, enabling organisations to standardise the look and feel of maps, adopting their own brand styles, imagery and formats.

The ‘Free Draw’ canvas enables complete creative licence, so users can create the Customer Journey Map in the style of their choice, using imagery, icons and formatting to create rich visual designs, all underpinned by the data integrity of the CX Core Customer Journey Framework.

Capture and Connect

CX Core enables users to create stand alone maps, or start to connect them together as part of a wider ecosystem of maps that we call the Customer Journey Framework. As a result organisations can develop a consistency in their approach and use of Customer Journey Maps. The connectivity allows users to drill down into sub journeys, cross navigate to different variations of maps or compare and contrast.

We enable users to capture any type of structured or unstructured data which can be aligned to customer journeys and used for informed decision making. Our range of diagnostic features enables insight and the prioritisation of the areas needing attention, and users can take different perspectives onto the data within the context of the customer journey to drive improvements and understanding.

Users can import data to the software, add new data, create hyperlinks to other content, data sources and documents, or integrate to other systems. Together this creates a rich information environment which can be analysed showing content relevant to both the Customer Experience and the operating model components that support its delivery.

Personas, Profiling & Emotion

The development of customer personas is a great way to start thinking about customer experience from the 'outside in' and to see things from the customer’s perspective. CX Core enables the creation of customer personas and the relevant characteristics that bring the persona to life.

CX Core also informs the requirements for customer profiling- which is the discipline of creating a roadmap for engagement that enables the organisation to capture and elaborate information that builds the right picture of the customer to enable future interactions to be more targeted and effective.

Understanding the emotional ‘triggers’ and factors that influence the lasting memory for the Customer at each touch point, is a powerful way to understand the Customer Journey and the resulting experiences along the way. CX Core captures emotion, insights and emotion pathways to enable prioritisation and improvements to be identified.