CX Performance

If we manage what gets measured, we must measure the right things to drive success. Enable governance over the performance management and delivery of Customer Experience (CX). 

CX Measurement

Customer Journey Analytics and Customer Experience measures can be combined with operational and financial data to demonstrate how Customer Experience improvement delivers tangible value for the organisation. CX Core can enable the definition of the CX measurement framework appropriate for your organisation. 

CX Core aligns any type of Customer experience measurement such as CSAT or NPS, as well as Surveys, Voice of the Customer (VoC) verbatims, any other type of performance data. Together they can be utilised to bring Customer Journeys to life, present dashboards for monitoring performance, and provide insights into areas of strength and weakness. 

Insights and ongoing performance data can be aligned to touch points and Customer Journeys, allowing information to be analysed and presented in the customer context. 

CX Governance

We provide a complete CX governance solution, enabling all facets of strategy, design, insight, measurement, employee engagement, project and change initiatives to be aligned in common reference model. Organisations can scale and evolve the solution in a way to suit their needs, confident that as your requirements grow, CX Core can accommodate them. Whatever your CX governance model may be CX Core can be tailored to meet your precise needs, enabling CX leaders to have complete visibility and control over CX Strategy, information and activities.

The Portfolio management capability inside CX Core enables informed decisions to be made about which projects to prioritise, how resources may be assigned, tracking of progress and performance. It provides visibility over the requirements and resources needed to support other programs and projects, which may have a customer experience input.