Product Overview

CX Core is a comprehensive Customer Journey and Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform, that helps organisations achieve and manage customer centred change, aligning both Customer Experience (CX) and the way the business works to deliver it. CX Core enables organisations to achieve greater value and more significant results from CX initiatives.

The product supports the entire CX  lifecycle through Customer Journey Mapping, CX Design, Implementation and Improvement, enabling organisations to progress from mapping and analytics activities through to operational improvements and ongoing performance management that really puts Customers at the core of their business.

•Align all Customer oriented activities within one solution.
•Scale from a single user to Enterprise wide use.
•Available as a Software as a Solution (SaaS).
•Worldwide availability through international secure hosting facilities.
•Global Customer support.

Business value

The value of putting Customer Experience at the core of your business is increasingly seen as a competitive differentiator. It can be measured in terms of increased sales volume, additional cross and up sales, retention, repeat purchases, referrals, increased market share from brand reputation, optimised sales and service costs, and ultimately shareholder return. More loyal customers are more profitable customers, and the more aligned the business is organised to optimise Customer Experience, the better the chances of success.

Maximising the benefits of CX initiatives is only achievable by linking journeys to the underlying operating model and the capabilities the business needs to deliver it. CX Core provides a single platform from which to align, coordinate and drive all CX activity, and contributes to the delivery of value across the full lifecycle of mapping, design, implementation and improvement initiatives, and results directly to the bottom line.

Tactical benefit realisation

 An example of immediate tactical benefits can be realised in:

• Eliminating duplication, inconsistencies and rework

• Simplifying the complexity of CX and operating model alignment

• Reducing delivery timelines by up to 80%

• Focusing investments on priorities and end-to-end solutions

• Removing overheads of managing paper or spreadsheet based activity

• Avoiding extended project timelines and costs of additional resources

• Improving engagement and working across the business

• Increasing insight and speed of decision making

• Enhancing understanding of the customer context to drive improvement throughout the organisation.

The analytical capabilities of CX Core can be used to identify specific savings, efficiencies and growth within the business, making it invaluable in enabling both CX and wider business benefit.

Return on Investment

Typical investments in CX Core have delivered a return on their investment within 6 months

CX Core delivers professional CX and business design capability through the full lifecycle of requirements for Mapping, Design, Implementation and Improvement activities.

CX Core has sophisticated modelling and data analysis capabilities, and its comprehensive functionality allows extended use to establish clear connections between your Customer Experience, measurement, business value and operational capabilities and performance.

CX Core is the platform of choice for organisations seeking to align all customer-centric operations and investments.

Choose from a range of deployment and license options

CX Core is available via Cloud Software as a Service using our Microsoft Azure servers, or your own.

All purchase options are fully covered by technical support and maintenance.

Subscription: A monthly subscription cost which includes basic technical and user support.

Software as a Service: A monthly subscription cost which also includes additional services to support the enablement and use of CX Core. The level of services can be scaled up or down as needed and is based on a range of service options